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Tue, 21st of October




what? johnlock? you mean John Locke, the 17th century English philosopher and Father of Classical Liberalism

*cries real tears* NO! johnlock is way more important!!


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Tue, 21st of October

diazrosa replied to your post: i am so confused by conventionally att…

literally connor is an arrogant asshole who isnt even good looking (at least by my standards) i do not get it i …. do not

he’s a sheet of paper. he’s bread. he’s a fucking sponge. his shitty little grin is what stops the show from being great. 

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Tue, 21st of October

psa to people who read those ‘how to care for people with mental illness’ posts or anything to that effect: if you ever say “no, you’re not annoying, silly goose. you’re adorable and i love you!” to me i will kill you until you are dead. 

Tue, 21st of October

bethwoodvilles replied to your post: “I just really want normalized magic i…

what. are you serious?

is anything serious or are we all just space dust floating in ourselves the internet makes me wonder if anything is serious anymore but if it even half of the ‘masquerading as serious’ stuff on my dash turns out to be serious i’ll probably have a nervous breakdown

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Tue, 21st of October

my favourite thing tumblr does is turn liking characters or relationships into an act of inherent holier than thou justice for the people triumph as opposed to just a thing to fill up time because it makes staring into the void a bit more exciting 

Tue, 21st of October

I just really want normalized magic in modern society” tumblr dot com talks about the real issues

Tue, 21st of October

i am so confused by conventionally attractive men 

Tue, 21st of October


ppl spend too much time mad at women for allegedly catering to the male gaze when they could be mad at men for being gross

Tue, 21st of October


Yoga for Writers
(via Electric Lit)

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Tue, 21st of October

I like the tough girls because they are not tough. It’s a veil; it’s a disguise. It’s defenses. At the core, everybody is human, everybody is fragile, everybody is terrified, and the fear is what propels you to be tough. – Tatiana Maslany

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Tue, 21st of October

do people actually say, in real life, and i am quoting verbatim from a post on here “no you’re not annoying silly goose, you’re adorable and i love you!” because if someone said that to me in real life i would not think “what a supportive and cute thing to say” strangely

Tue, 21st of October

how to care for (insert anything literally anything):

  1. be a patronising fuck
  2. repeat step one until everyone you love leaves
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#Let me tell you about my passions

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Tue, 21st of October

5,000 Followers Giveaway


Scribophile, the online writing group for serious writers

Let me tell you about this snazzy little place called Scribophile.  It’s a peer-review site, where you earn “karma” points by leaving critiques on the works of others, then spend those points posting your own WIP for feedback.  There’s also a forum for writing-flavored discussion, groups where like-minded writers can go to get like-minded critiques, writing contests, and a blog full of writing advice.

Why am I telling you about this?  Because I’m giving away a one-year membership to Scribophile, plus 10 Karma points to get you started. (Not to mention I’ll probably critique stuff you put up.)

Benefits of a premium membership include:

  • The ability to post unlimited works (non-paid members only get two at a time)
  • The ability to use Personal Spotlights (get work critiqued faster)
  • Unlimited Private Messages
  • Detailed statistics for your work’s readership
  • The ability to save critiques in progress
  • Privacy controls
  • No advertisements!

Yup, all of this and more can be yours for the low, low price of “hit that reblog button.” :D

  • Each “like” and “reblog” counts as an entry, and you can do that as many times as you’d like
  • The giveaway will run until October 25th
  • The winner will have to set up their own account on the site before I can gift a premium upgrade

And that’s it!  I told you it was a low, low price.  Good luck!

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Tue, 21st of October


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